New Lost & Found Procedures
The Javits Center has implemented new software to track lost and found items at the facility and help return items to their respective owners. This software will help to expedite the return of lost property and assist staff in logging in... >>
The BIG Show Goes Bigger Than Ever!
The National Retail Federation's 104th Annual Convention & Expo stormed into the Javits Center earlier this month, shattering attendance records with an estimated 35,000 visitors to Manhattan's West Side. Recognized as Retail’s BIG... >>
New Security for Meeting Rooms
The Javits Center has installed new swipe card technology for all doors leading to our meeting rooms. All meeting rooms, with the exception of 1D03 to 1D06, currently have card access readers which are pre-programmed prior to the arrival... >>
January 2015 Event Schedule
 FAME Jan 4, 2015 - Jan 6, 2015 Accessories The Show Jan 4, 2015 - Jan 6, 2015 Moda Jan 4, 2015 - Jan 6, 2015Fashion2Go Jan 4, 2015 - Jan 6, 2015 National Retail Federation Annual Convention and... >>
All Roads Lead to Javits Center
There's never been more reason to visit Manhattan's West Side and it's never been easier to get here. From new hotels to new restaurants, there's attractions and accommodations rising all around us -- making this neighborhood the hottest... >>
Creating a Successful Trade Show Strategy
Seems like every transaction today happens online – we shop, we chat, we send documents, we set up virtual storefronts with elaborate websites. Yet when all is said and done, the important decisions, the real connections begin with a... >>