New Operations for West 39th St. Swing Space


Effective immediately, the West 39th Street Swing Space may be used for the following operational purposes:

  • Waiting area for vehicles delivering and picking up exhibitor freight
  • General Service Contractor trailer staging area
  • Empties retrieval/return operations and run of the event staging area
  • General Service Contractor Freight Operations for Level 1/Javits Center North
  • Exhibitor (POV) self-service and assisted hand carry operations for Level 1
  • Javits Center in-house operations space

Event scheduling will determine the use of the space at any given time. Event Management and/or General Services Contractors must coordinate their plans for use of the West 39th Street Swing Space with Vice President of Event Solutions Vincent Michello. A plan of operation must be submitted 30 days prior to first licensed move-in day. The operation plan should include specific usage day by day. Designated egress zones must be cleared for open show days. Allocation, assignment and scheduling must be approved by Vice President Michello. 

Event Solutions will be responsible for alerting Public Safety, General Contractors and Event Management to the schedule for any given day. When exhibitor hand-carry “drop, deliver and go” operations are in effect, no vehicles larger than an Econoline van will be allowed into the West 39th Street Swing Space.

Javits Center Public Safety Officers will monitor the entrance and will be responsible for handing out window cards that capture the following information:

  • Time stamp car or van entering the space
  •  Company name and booth #
  • Driver name and mobile phone number

All window cards will include the following pre-printed language:

  •  30 minute limit for all unloading and loading out operations
  • A licensed driver must remain with the vehicle at all times
  • Leave flashers on

Javits Center Public Safety Officers will direct drivers to available unloading and loading out spaces. No access to the space will be allowed without Public Safety permission. Public Safety Officers will manage operations in the space, upholding the 30-minute rule and taking appropriate action if necessary. The usual established exhibitor hand-carry policy rules will be in effect in this space. Restrooms for men and women are on the premises. The Javits Center reserves the right to suspend or redirect operations in this space as deemed necessary.