2019 Sustainability Report is Here!


We have issued our second, biennial Sustainability Report, outlining the efforts to further improve the sustainability of the busiest convention center in the United States. The 39-page report details the latest advances of the robust sustainability program at the iconic facility on Manhattan’s West Side, including the installation of state-of-the-art, energy-efficient equipment and policies, a growing wildlife sanctuary on a 6.75-acre green roof and a new project in conjunction with the New York Power Authority to install the largest rooftop solar array in New York City. The organization’s first Sustainability Report was issued in 2017, and this second report outlines the progress, as well as the projects ahead.

“This report proves that smart, simple and sustainable changes to an existing building can have a dramatic impact on our environment, redefining the idea of what a building can be and should be in a dense urban environment,” said President and CEO Alan Steel.

Four new bird species were observed on the green roof in 2018, making it a total of 29 bird species identified since the installation of the green roof was completed in 2014 – as part of our overall building-wide renovation. Throughout the year, New York City Audubon conducts studies on the green roof, collecting samples and recording results that illustrate the impact of the green roof – one of the country’s largest -- on the local environment. In 2018, more than 100 bird nests were identified on the rooftop, and members of New York City Audubon band the chicks hatched from these nests in order to track their movements. So far, birds have flown as far away as Florida, Louisiana and Ontario, Canada.

Visit here to read the entire report.