A New Dining and Hospitality Team


The Javits Center has joined with Levy Convention Centers and CxRA to launch a new hospitality brand at the Javits Center called Cultivated. The brand’s mission: reshape and reimagine the food and beverage experience throughout the iconic venue on Manhattan’s West Side. Cultivated will enhance the hospitality experience with elements rooted in the Empire State, including more New York ingredients and producers, as well as unique dining presentations, products sourced on-site and signature high-end catering for the largest and most exclusive events in New York City.

Under Cultivated, guests will discover a strong focus on sustainability and community and meaningful use of state-of-the-art technology, in order to create an inspirational culinary experience that captures the vibrancy and vitality of the greatest city in the world. Cultivated will complement the dynamic new spaces of the soon-to-be expanded convention center, which are scheduled to open in 2021 and generate additional economic activity for the New York region.

As part of the 1.2 million square-foot expansion project at the north end of the Javits Center campus, a rooftop pavilion and outdoor space will be constructed, along with additional kitchens, multiple food preparation stations and 27 loading docks, all designed to transform the on-site catering experience with efficiency and elegance. The expansion project is part of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s statewide infrastructure plan, under which critical transportation hubs and facilities across New York State are being upgraded in order to spur job creation and economic activity.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of this new hospitality brand, Cultivated, which illustrates our strong connection to New York and our mission to host unique events and experiences that support our economy and foster the sharing of ideas that move this city, this state and this world forward,” said Alan Steel, President and CEO of the Javits Center. “The definition of cultivated means to nurture and grow, and therefore, the essence of this new brand reinforces our commitment to supporting our customers and our community so every living being can reach its full potential. The Javits Center is centered around the concept of a future undefined and ever-changing, and this new hospitality program serves as an exciting way to explore how that future will look, feel – and taste.”

            All event managers, exhibitors and attendees at the Javits Center will now be served by the Cultivated team, including the creation of new menus, a new microsite dedicated to advanced and onsite catering services and a new leadership team with decades of hospitality experience at convention centers across the United States and exclusive dining events involving the world’s largest and most iconic brands. In the first several months, Cultivated will roll out several initiatives planted around three main pillars:

  • Reflecting the Community. Implementing a sophisticated and socially responsible program that leverages local resources, ecological enhancements and producer partnerships to showcase New York’s best offerings, such as:

o Coffee Cultivated: A one-of-a-kind homegrown coffee roasted by El Dorado Coffee Roasters, based in the Maspeth section of Queens;

o Baked to Brew: A sustainable beer program re-using bread made on-site to craft specialty brews in partnership with a local brewery;

o Honey Harvest: A line of products infused with honey harvested from the Javits Center’s rooftop bee hives; and

o All Compostable: No straws and 100% compostable serviceware at all food and beverage locations operated by Cultivated.

  • Reimagining Catering and Event Service. Creating an immersive catering experience and incredible event service featuring signature recipes, high-end menus, training, technology and uniforms that transform the venue into a sought-out dining establishment. Examples include:

o The Catering Experts: Refined, high-end catering service for special events crafted by CxRA, the acclaimed catering team serving New York cultural landmarks such as Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and American Museum of Natural History;

o The In-House Bakery: An on-site bakery with hand-crafted breads, pastries and desserts from scratch with recipes only found at the Javits Center, such as fried pies made with New York State apples and local sweet corn muffins; and

o The Mobile App: Direct-to-your-exhibit mobile ordering through a new app for exhibitors.

  • Reshaping On-Site Dining. Repositioning the Javits Center as a place to meet, eat, greet and socialize through a redefined, localized food story with upgraded facilities and technology that appeal to a diverse group of customers, stakeholders and residents.

o Food and Beverage Destinations: New York-inspired restaurants and cafés serving deli sandwiches, burgers and other local specialties prepared by Levy, the hospitality power behind amazing dining experiences at Barclays Center and the US Open Tennis Championships;

o Robotic Service On-the-Go: High-tech, on-the-run beverage and salads from Briggo’s Coffee Haus robotic barista and Chowbotics’ Sally the Robot.

For more information, visit javitscenter.com.