Alan Steel to Keynote CitiesAlive Conference


Alan Steel, the President and CEO of the Javits Center, will serve as the keynote speaker at the CitiesAlive conference in September 2018, a five-day event focused on leading trends in the green infrastructure industry.

Alan will outline the recent transformation of the Javits Center – from an energy hog and bird killer to a model of energy conservation and wildlife sanctuary.

Since a renovation that was completed in 2014, the iconic convention center has reduced its energy consumption by 26% and become a home to 26 bird species, five bat species and thousands of honey bees.

“Backed by a collective belief in the importance of sustainability, and reinforced by the scientific results, the Javits Center is living proof that smart and sustainable improvements to existing buildings can have a dramatic impact on the environment around us and can indeed improve the quality of life in many ways, “ Mr. Steel said.

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