Bird Nests Flourish Atop Green Roof


More than 100 bird nests have been identified on our green roof during this summer, signifying the most wildlife activity at the Javits Center since the roof was completed in 2014. With approximately three eggs in each nest, there have been hundreds of baby chicks learning to fly on our roof, forcing tour guides to avoid certain areas.

“There are more birds inhabiting the green roof than ever before,” said Chief Engineer Rick Brown. “While that’s a great thing from an ecological perspective, that means we have to be very careful to not upset their habitat.”

Since 2014, 26 bird species have been identified on the green roof – thanks to the work of NYC Audubon who regularly visits the roof to conduct observations, take samples and issue annual reports with their scientific findings. Members of NYC Audubon work hard to band the chicks so their flight patterns can be tracked and monitored. So far, birds hatched on our green roof have flown as far away as Louisiana, Florida and Canada.

“We’ve come a long way from being the No. 1 bird killer in the city,” said Energy and Sustainability Manager Rebecca Marshall. “Today, thanks to the renovation and the staff who maintain it, we have a new ecosystem right above ours heads that serves as a model of sustainability. We hope we can be an inspiration to other buildings nationwide."

From April to October, the Javits Center provides public tours of the green roof, including bee hives housed on the south section of the roof. If you would like to tour the roof, please send an email to Indira Turney at