Commemorating the Renovation
September 2016

With the blessing of the Senator Jacob K. Javits family, the individuals who oversaw the recent renovation were recently honored with their names engraved in the statue wall of Senator Javits at the Javits Center.

Former New York Convention Center Development Corporation President Barbara Lampen, architect Bruce Fowle and Glen Johnson of Tishman Construction, as well as the members of the New York Convention Center Operating Corporation, were celebrated with their names etched in the stone plinth, solidifying their place in the history of the iconic convention center.

“We now have a facility which functions better than it ever has. We are brighter, we are lighter, we are drier, we are safer and more secure,” said President and CEO Alan Steel. “We are more sustainable and greener than ever before.”

Mr. Steel continued: “It goes without saying that the renovation was a massive task, but it’s well worth saying that the redesign, and the implementation of that redesign, is a direct result of the work of the people we are recognizing today – those Board members who were responsible for ensuring the project was authorized, overseen and delivered and the team that managed the project.”

Under the five-year renovation that ended in 2014, new façade, flooring, mechanical and sustainability systems were installed, including a 6.75-acre green roof that has turned into a wildlife sanctuary. With energy-efficient HVAC units, low-flow toilets and other sustainable upgrades, the building has reduced its energy consumption by 26%, saving millions of dollars in energy costs.

Below is the complete list of names engraved in the statue wall, which is located in the Crystal Palace.

Gerald T. McQueen, President and CEO

Board of Directors

Carl H. Loewenson, Chairman
Neville Bugwadia
Kevin Corbetter
Mary D’Elia
Stephen Drummond
Christine Ferer
E. Scott Gilbert
Ronald Goldstock, ESQ.
Jed Howbert
Peter Johnson, Jr.
Edward P. Kane
Gary Lavine, ESQ.
Edward J. Malloy
Michael Petralia
Marc Ricks
David Schwartz
Joseph E. Spinnato, ESQ.
Michael Stengel
Barbara Lampen, President and CEO, New York Convention Center Development Corporation

Bruce Fowle, FAIA, Lead Architect, FXFOWLE/Epstein

Glen Johnson, Project Director, Tishman Construction Corporation

For photos of the ceremony, visit here.