Employees Celebrated for Service


More than 300 employees attended the annual Employee Service Awards ceremony on November 14, celebrating the men and women who have made the Javits Center the busiest convention center in the United States. In total, 81 employees were honored with awards which recognized their years of service – from 5 years to 30 years – including cleaners, carpenters, electricians, engineers, painters, security officers and administrative assistants. Those who celebrated 30 years of service included: Engineer Michael Devito, Cleaner Leslie Hawkins, Engineer Denis Kennan, Engineer John McCauley, Cleaner Mario Mero, Public Safety Supervisor Ulises Ramirez, Cleaner Brunilda Sanchez, Senior Programmer Analyst Manny Santos, Engineer Thomas Smith and Cleaner Paula Walcott.

President and CEO Alan Steel, who celebrated his own five years as CEO, presided at the ceremony in the River Pavilion and introduced the audience to a recent Eyewitness News segment that touted the convention center’s sustainability program, including the honey recently harvested from our three rooftop bee hives.

“I’ll begin by saying my personal thanks to all of you who have helped make the Javits Center what it is today – a place where we can all be proud of the work we do,” said Mr. Steel.

Mr. Steel called each of the 30-year award winners to the stage and asked the other honorees to stand and be recognized by their peers.

“And now because of your staying through those harder times, we do finally have a brighter future,” he told the crowd. “Our reputation has never been higher, and our customers have never thought better of the work we do.”