Enhancing Our Security


On October 2, the Javits Center hosted its first active shooter tabletop exercise and training session provided by the NYPD’s Strategic Response Group. Several scenarios were conducted, and the classroom included all of the PSOs, multiple event security contractors, Reed Expo, Centerplate and other vendors, contractors and business partners. In total, 85 people attended, and because New York Comic Con was set to move in, the drill focused on scenarios related to Comic Con.

The new training is part of an overhaul of security at the Javits Center, which has led to major improvements throughout the building. More than 1,000 security cameras have been installed, along with a state-of-the-art Command Center, electronic locks on all meeting room doors and new training for security officers. The new technology and training has served as a major deterrent to potential thefts and led to a 40% increase in recovered lost items.

“The Javits Center attracts millions of visitors from around the world, and it is important to harness the latest advances in technology to better protect our customers and employees,” said Kenneth Dixon, Vice President of Security and Safety Solutions.