Farmshelf to Table


In anticipation of our historic expansion in 2021, the Javits Center recently purchased two Farmshelf units, which are soilless hydroponic indoor farms that produce herbs, greens and edible flowers all year round.

The plants need only water and not soil to grow because all the nutrients the plants need are infused into them through a special concoction created and maintained by Farmshelf employees. 

The Farmshelf units are maintained by our staff, who trim the herbs and greens and bring them to our kitchens. Staff can adjust the temperature and LED ultraviolet lights in the units via our state-of-the-art wireless system. The units, which require little power to operate, will serve as a precursor to our 1-acre rooftop farm as part of the upcoming expansion. The farm will produce up to 40,000 pounds of produce every year, which will be directly used by Cultivated, our new dining and hospitality team.

Today, we are currently growing Thai Basil, Amethyst, Basil, Sage, Chives, Amaranth, Viola, Lemon Balm, and Thyme, which are incorporated directly into dishes created by Cultivated.