Harvesting Honey


The Javits Center is truly where the buzz begins!

For the third consecutive year, we harvested honey from our rooftop bee hives with the help of staff volunteers, producing enough to fill more than 800 1.5-ounce jars. Led by our Energy and Sustainability Manager Jacqueline Tran and Engineer Tammy Read, the harvest was another successful step in the convention center's remarkable journey toward sustainability.

Bottled and labeled in jars, the honey is distributed to customers and visitors throughout the year, and a portion is allocated for various food and beverage items, serving as a precursor to the one-acre rooftop farm being constructed as part of the ongoing expansion project. Fruits and vegetables grown on the farm will be incorporated into the millions of meals served each year. 

As for the harvest, employees scraped wax caps off the honey comb frames, spun the frames in a centrifuge and filtered the honey through a mesh strainer into glass jars. The jars are then bottled and labeled -- creating our signature Jacob’s Honey.

"Our homegrown honey signifies our strong connection to the community and our efforts to create a sustainable environment inside and outside of the building," said Chief Communications Officer Tony Sclafani. "From bee hives on the rooftop to donation programs on the show floor, we're working to incorporate the idea of sustainability into every aspect of our 24/7 operation."

To learn more about this year’s honey harvest, visit here.

To learn more about our sustainability program, visit javitscenter.com/sustainability.