Honey Harvested at the Javits Center


Thanks to a rainy spring and a thriving green roof, we harvested 1,200 ounces of honey from our rooftop bee hives – four times the amount we harvested last year!

Five volunteer employees helped our sustainability staff extract the honey from the hives and bottle it in 2.0 ounce jars, which are now available to customers and visitors. The jar of honey – we call it Jacob’s Honey – has become a popular item at the Manhattan convention center, intriguing event producers and boosting staff morale.

The honey also is used to create certain catering items available to customers, such as honey-infused salad dressing and honey-infused iced tea.

“Our honey harvest is proof is that we are much more than just a convention center,” said Alan Steel, President and CEO of the Javits Center. “The Javits Center has become an integral part of the New York community, both its economy and its environment. And thanks to the dedication of our staff, our bee hives are thriving like never before – and that has allowed our customers to experience the sweetest part of the Javits Center.”

Local bee expert Liane Newton works closely with Javits Center staff to maintain the bee hives, which doubled in size over the past year. For a tour of the green roof and the hives, please register at www.javitscenter.com.