Javits Expansion Applauded


Exposition industry leader Britton Jones applauded the proposed expansion of the Javits Center in a recent letter to Crain’s New York Business. The bold project, which Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced in January, calls for the construction of five times more meeting room space, a new ballroom, a rooftop terrace, an on-site truck marshaling facility and 500,000 square feet of contiguous exhibition space.

In the May 13 letter, Mr. Jones, the President and CEO of Business Journals Inc., celebrated the concept of constructing more meeting rooms and the on-site truck garage that will make it easier – and more productive – for exhibitors and event managers to operate at the building on Manhattan’s West Side.

 “As an event organizer and a frequent customer of the Javits Center, my peers and I thank Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his team for developing plans for an expansion that will certainly help all of us attract more exhibitors, more attendees and even more events to the iconic building, thereby generating even greater economic impact for the state and city,” Mr. Jones wrote.

 “One of the biggest challenges with hosting events at the Javits Center has less to do with a lack of exhibition space and more to do with the transportation of attendees, the delivery and retrieval of exhibit materials and the overall lack of meeting rooms. Meeting rooms are key to any major event because that’s often where the biggest deals are made,” Mr. Jones wrote.

Initial construction work is set to begin later this year on the project, which is expected to attract 15 new events to New York, generating 4,000 full-time jobs, 2,000 part-time jobs and nearly $400 million in economic activity.

“With its recent renovation, as well as new leadership in place, the Javits Center is operating more efficiently than ever before, providing a level of customer service that event planners rarely experience in our industry,” Mr. Jones concluded. “Gov. Cuomo should be applauded for recognizing the success of this facility—and envisioning its future economic potential.” 

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