Javits Juniors Scholarship Program Awards College Scholarships


Two high school students from Manhattan’s West Side have been awarded college scholarships under a new program created in partnership with the Javits Center and the Marian B. and Jacob K. Javits Foundation. The Javits Juniors Scholarship Program is a new effort designed to support the higher education of local high school students and encourage them to seek ways to improve their community through public service and innovative thinking.

At a ceremony in the Javits Center’s Crystal Palace on April 30, Victoria Rodriquez, 18, and Ashleyn Arias, 17, both seniors at the Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction on West 50th Street in Manhattan, were each honored with a $5,000 college scholarship as they celebrated with their family members, teachers and school officials.

Alan Steel, President and CEO of the Javits Center, praised the work of the students during the ceremony, as well as the impact of the new scholarship program – created in partnership with the Fund for Public Schools, the New York City Department of Education and Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction.

“For more than 30 years, the Javits Center has supported New York’s economy, and in recent years, we have supported our environment with a robust sustainability program. Today, we are expanding that mission to support New York’s next generation of leaders as they pursue higher education and a successful career path,” he said.

To be considered for a scholarship, the students participated in an essay contest entitled “Serving New York” and outlined public policy ideas that would better serve the general public and improve the quality of life for New Yorkers, as well as the reasons behind their goals and the steps necessary to achieve them. Essays were reviewed by a selection committee comprised of members from the Javits Center, the Marian B. and Jacob K. Javits Foundation and the Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction. The committee selected the two winning essays based on logic and feasibility, originality and creativity, clarity of ideas and structure. Both winning students are headed to college in the fall.

 “These students deserve our support as they seek to fulfill their dreams, and this program will reduce the financial burden on them and their families as they enter college in the fall,” Mr. Steel said. “I would like to thank the Marian B. and Jacob K. Javits Foundation, the Fund for Public Schools and the Department of Education for their help in facilitating this wonderful new program.”