Javits Staff Rescues Falcon


As the Javits Center continues to evolve into a bird sanctuary, our employees certainly understand the building’s importance to the environment and are always willing to help their winged colleagues in need.

Earlier this month, two Javits Center employees helped to rescue an endangered peregrine falcon, which had landed on our loading docks, unable to fly. This type of falcon is considered an endangered species and is one of the fastest birds in the world, reaching speeds up to 200 miles per hour.

On Level 3, Environmental Solutions Supervisor Michael Maldonado was compiling a routine report when he noticed the injured falcon, which was covered in a tar-like substance and struggling to move. He quickly notified our Sustainability Manager Rebecca Marshall and Dustin Partridge of New York City Audubon, who was on the green roof conducting work for an ongoing roof study.

“We provided the bird with water and food, and we all helped to capture the falcon with a blanket and place him in a box,” Mr. Maldonado said. “I was just happy to help to get the bird to a safe place.”

Nicknamed Stout, the young peregrine falcon also had been rescued by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation after stumbling into a Midtown bar a few weeks ago. The team at Javits Center was able to transport the bird to Wild Bird Fund, which continued to provide care.

According to the National Audubon Society, the peregrine falcon is one of the world’s fastest birds, power-diving from great heights to strike prey. Although it is found on six continents, the peregrine is uncommon in most areas. The bird was seriously endangered in the mid-20th century because of the effects of DDT and other persistent pesticides, according to the organization.

Since the installation of the green roof atop the Javits Center in 2014, it has become a haven for area wildlife, serving as a home for 17 bird species, five bat species and 300,000 honeybees.