New 11th Avenue Planters


The Javits Center has installed a series of concrete planters along the 11th Avenue entrances as part of an ongoing security enhancement and beautification project throughout the facility. The planters – filled with 10 types of plants and flowers – were installed in late July, creating a more welcoming environment for our customers, our employees and all of our visitors. These 10-foot-long, 3-foot-wide structures also provide an enhanced level of security for our bustling entrances, acting as safety barriers for the iconic building in the event of an emergency.

 These new planters are the latest addition in an ongoing program to enhance the beauty of the six-block building, following a comprehensive renovation that led to the installation of new façade, flooring, mechanical and sustainability systems, including a 6.75-acre green roof. As a result of the renovation project, energy consumption has been reduced by 26%, and the green roof has transformed into a wildlife sanctuary.

In recent months, additional planters has been installed along the inner roadway, as well as 60 emerald green arborvitae trees – all of which has softened the look and feel of our entrances, prompting positive feedback from our event managers and exhibitors. The plants and flowers currently inside the planters include Red Dalhia, Zinnia Mix, Wave Petunia, Licorice Plant, Scavolia, Red Coleus, Kong Coleus, Ti Plant, Sweet Potato Vine and Petunias. The types of plants and flowers displayed will change as the seasons change.