New 2017 Pricing


The Javits Center aims to have clear and consistent pricing for all products and services provided by the facility and to inform customers of those prices in a manner and a time frame which allows them to budget appropriately for those services. Prices with 2017 rates are now available to our staff, and customers are able to discuss order forms for events taking place in 2017. All rates will be for the full calendar year beginning January 1 and will be in effect for all events taking place during the 12-month period through December 31.

On average, our rates for products have increased 2.5% for the calendar year 2017. Our labor rates for 2017 reflect our costs of doing business and negotiated increases for rates and benefits under our collective bargaining agreements. Rental rates also have been established for Fiscal Years 2017-2018 and 2019-2020, and we have introduced new rental furniture forms for your use. For specific information related to your event, please reach out to your Exhibitor Solutions team or Labor Solutions team. We also encourage early orders for products through more uniform early-order discounts.

Prices will be updated as products and labor services are added or deleted. At the appropriate time, event management will select the items to be included in an event order form, which will then be made available to your customers.