New Driver Check-In Areas Open


The Javits Center has implemented some slight changes to the move-in and move-out process as a result of the early construction work for the upcoming expansion project. In order to accommodate customers, two new driver check-in areas have been established along 12th Avenue, and driver check-in is no longer available within the property. The check-in areas are designed for event decorators, exhibitor-appointed contractors and others to check in freight during all events, improving the efficiency of the move-in process. If you are interested in leasing space within the south check-in area, please contact Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Labor Solutions Christine McMahon at

For all drivers, the check-in process remains the same – it just starts at a new location. As in the past, drivers will park their vehicles and bring all necessary documents to the new check-in areas – storefronts located on 12th Avenue. Drivers will then return to their vehicles, and once they receive a call on their cell phone, drivers can proceed to the dock area through the West 39th Street gate to pick up their paperwork. All drivers must have their CDL on their person in order to enter the property.

If you have any questions regarding the aforementioned changes, please contact your Event Solutions representative, and our staff will be happy to provide assistance.