New Furniture on Level 2


The Javits Center is constantly exploring ways to improve the customer experience, and one of our latest initiatives is the installation of new modern furniture on Level 2.

Surrounding the ever-popular Starbucks location and throughout Level 2, more than 200 chairs and 40 tables were installed to provide greater comfort to guests, as well as 44 benches for attendees looking to rest.

“With so much space to explore at the Javits Center, it is imperative to provide customers with a chance to sit and relax,” said Kenneth Sanchez, Senior Vice President of Facilities Management, who is overseeing the installation. "We're happy to provide this modern yet comfortable furniture to enhance the experience for all of our customers when they visit the building."

The sleek furniture is designed to create a networking hub for attendees, as well as a comfortable area to nibble on a snack, drink a cup of coffee or check email.

By design, the furniture also can be rearranged and removed, if necessary, depending upon the designs of a particular event at the building.