New High-Speed Roll-Up Doors Installation


In an effort to enhance the experience at the Javits Center, high-speed roll-up doors have been installed at every loading dock entrance on Levels 1 and 3.

The 15 roll-up doors, which remain closed until a person or vehicle approaches them, will better control air temperatures on the show floor during an event’s move-in and move-out periods. The doors also will help to reduce energy consumption and related costs. 

“These new doors will better regulate the temperature on the show floor and throughout the convention center, improving the quality of life for our customers and our employees,” said Javits Center Chief Communications Officer Tony Sclafani.

The door installation, which was completed in December 2018, also will help deter pigeons and insects from entering the building.

Since 2014, energy consumption at the Javits Center has been reduced by 26% as a result of a building-wide renovation that included the installation of more than 100 HVAC units, high-performance, bird friendly glass panels and a nearly 7-acre green roof.