New Javits Center Display Model Unveiled


In February, the Javits Center unveiled a new display model that outlines the building’s history, operations and future expansion on Manhattan’s West Side.

Equipped with three televisions and a 30-year outline of major milestones, the model provides visitors with an understanding of the six-block structure’s historical importance, as well as its pivotal role in New York’s economy. Videos playing on each television include interviews with key staff members, rare images throughout the years and renderings of the expanded spaces to come.

Located in the Crystal Palace, the model will play a critical role in shaping the history of the New York icon and reinforcing its status as the busiest convention center in the United States. From boosting the economy to building an environment for wildlife, the Javits Center has maintained its mission to support the Empire State for three decades, while implementing infrastructure improvements, enhancing its technology and reducing its energy consumption in order to create a better experience for its employees, customers and neighbors.

“The Javits Center is a one-of-a-kind building, and it has had such a significant impact on New York that we believe it is necessary to share its story with the two million visitors who walk through our doors each year,” said Chief Communications Officer Tony Sclafani. “This building is more than a convention center. It is a part of the fabric of the Empire State, and we hope this model conveys our commitment to New Yorkers of all generations.”