New Thermography Training


Five Javits Center employees were trained in Level 1 Thermography this past year – part of the Javits Center’s overall energy conservation program. Knowing how to use infrared technology will help locate potential problems in equipment, improving preventative maintenance procedures. When a hot spot in mechanical equipment is detected, the machinery is often not running efficiently, and this can lead to larger issues, such as the replacement of entire systems. Periodic monitoring of mechanical equipment will become a part of the building’s overall maintenance program this year.

Other energy-saving methods employed at the Javits Center include the enrollment in three demand response program. With two energy dashboards providing live consumption data, Javits Center staff is working to reduce energy consumption on days when there is a high demand on the electrical grid. During the summer of 2016 demand response period, the Javits Center reduced 4,400kWh during the event. This equates to the offset of power of more than 1% of the entire New York City load this past summer. For more information, please review our 2017 Sustainability Report.