The Javits Center is Expanding!


On January 7, New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced a $1 billion expansion of the Javits Center, including five times more meeting room space, the largest ballroom in the Northeast and a four-level truck garage that will house 20,000 trucks a year. More than 300 Javits Center customers, stakeholders and employees crowded into the south concourse to hear Governor Cuomo outline the plans for the expansion, which is expected to generate 4,000 full-time jobs, 2,000 part-time jobs, 3,100 construction jobs and an additional $393 million in annual economic activity. The Chairman of the New York Convention Center Operating Corporation’s Board of Directors, Henry Silverman, presided over the event, and several board members also attended, including Hugh Carey II, John Lee Compton, Mary D’Elia, David Emil, Christy Ferer, Edward Kane and Mark Scheinberg. 

“The Javits Center has long been an economic generator for this state,” Governor Cuomo told the audience. “But we want to build and expand it to ensure it remains a premier venue for the next generation.”

The proposed expansion will be constructed on the north end of the property, providing 500,000 square feet of contiguous exhibition space on Level 3, in addition to a new rooftop terrace with more than 20,000 square feet of space. The additional space is expected to attract at least 15 new events and generate an additional 200,000 hotel room nights a year. With the addition of new loading docks, the new truck garage is expected to reduce the amount of truck trips by 50% -- increasing the efficiency of our operations and allowing more time for new events. Construction is expected to begin this year.

For more information and renderings of the expansion, please visit here.