The Javits Center, LEGO-style
September 2016

We’ve been LEGO-fied! A LEGO-style model of the Javits Center was unveiled at a small ceremony celebrating the 30th anniversary of the convention center, featuring the signature feature of the recent renovation – a giant green roof.

Designed by Brooklyn-based artist Sean Kenney, the one-of-a-kind model can be built with 364 LEGO pieces, mirroring the larger LEGO model featured in the Crystal Palace throughout the year.

“The Javits Center is the heart of New York’s exposition industry, and this model is a wonderful tribute to its iconic status,” said Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer Tony Sclafani. “Following our renovation, the building looks, feels and operates better than ever before, and thanks to Sean Kenney’s vision, that achievement is replicated in LEGO bricks.”

In honor of the 30th anniversary, a limited number of models have been created. Both models are not products of The LEGO Company.

For photos of the ceremony, visit here.