Toast is Here!


The Javits Center offers food and beverages from more than 20 vendors based in New York City and New York State, and one of the latest suppliers is Toast Ale – a new beer created with salvaged leftover organic bread.

Toast Ale, which was unveiled two years ago in the United Kingdom, is currently brewed in Chelsea Craft Brewing Company in the Bronx, and the company partners with Bread Alone Bakery, which donates surplus bread that normally would be directed to soup kitchens, livestock feed or compost. Bread Alone Bakery has locations in Hudson Valley and the Catskills Mountains. 

“The Javits Center is a New York icon that has supported New York’s economy for more than three decades, and we are proud to support businesses across the Empire State by showcasing their food and beverages here,” said Doreen Guerin, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “Toast Ale is the latest addition to our long list of homegrown products, and we are excited to offer it our customers and further enhance their experience.”

According to Toast Ale officials, the grains provide carbohydrates and sugars needed for the fermentation process. The bread represents 30% of the grain bill, and the remaining 70% is made up of malted barley, the company said. Toast Ale was founded by Tristram Stuart, an expert in environmental waste.

At the Javits Center, Toast Ale is provided through our exclusive caterer, Centerplate, at our Taste NY Bistro location on Level 2 where we offer only products produced in New York State.