Two-Way Traffic Returns to 11th Avenue


The New York City Department of Transportation has restored two-way traffic to 11th Avenue in front of the Javits Center between West 34th and West 37th streets at the end of April. As a result of these new roadway markings, there are a number of traffic changes outlined below:

  • For drivers headed eastbound on West 34th Street approaching 11th Avenue, there will be a new left turning lane, a bus lane, a through lane and a right-turn only lane.
  • For those headed westbound on West 34th Street approaching 11th Avenue, drivers will be able to make a right turn onto 11th Avenue, as well as head straight and make a left turn onto 11th Avenue.
  • Between West 34th and West 37th streets, crosswalks will be more clearly defined, providing pedestrians with improved areas to cross through these intersections.
  • For drivers headed southbound on 11th Avenue, a bus-only lane will be more clearly marked, and a separate lane adjacent to the Javits Center will be designated for hand-carry purposes. As always, our security team will work closely with event management to coordinate hand-carry operations during move-in and move-out periods for all events. 

Please keep in mind that major construction work continues at various developments near the Javits Center, and all visitors should take proper safety precautions and allow for enough travel time.

If event managers have any questions regarding these changes, please contact your Event Solutions representative for assistance.