Upgrading the Infrastructure


Our teams in the Facilities Department are continuing their maintenance through the spring season to ensure our building is operating at optimum levels. During the month of May, crews have been repairing the terrazzo in various locations, including the Crystal Palace, the Food Court and the North and South Concourses. We also have made sure to clean the stainless steel along West 34th Street, as well as the skylight glass panels. In addition, we are:

  • Continuing to replace existing interior light fixture to LED lights;
  • Running CAT 6 cables for elevator & escalators monitoring project;
  • Installing light fixtures in the new Security Solutions and Human Resources offices;
  • Replacing defective sprinkle heads on the loading docks;
  • Continuing to repair and test dry valves on Levels 1 and 3; and
  • Painting various meeting rooms during move-in and move-out periods, as well as service corridors, pillars and the staircase at the marshaling yard.